Dog treat snake

You will be amazed at just how much enjoyment your dog will get with the new dog treat dispensing snake dog toy. Made of non-toxic soft materials, it’s not only perfect for dog games such as tug of war but also makes a great toy to play fetch with or simply to use as it was designed for and that is hiding small treats inside the snake’s underbelly.This kind of enrichment encourages your dog to use their foraging skills and as it can be quite difficult to release some treats, depending on the size, it makes a great dog toy for when dogs are home alone.

Don’t forget that on the warmer days these snake filled dog treats can be stuffed with yogurt or minced meat & vegetables and frozen overnight, ready for a day of enrichment as your dog enjoys licking the treat as it defrosts. Available in 3 popular colours to choose from – green, pink or blue…..Which one will your dog chews?